Essential Curing Agent for Resins

MOCA - Methylene-bis ortho-chloroaniline
CAS Number

Methylene-bis(ortho-chloroaniline) (MOCA) is commonly used as a curing agent for urethane and epoxy resins, typically found in granular pellet form. MOCA, with a minimum purity specification of 98%, contains isomers such as 2,4'- and 2,2'-methylene-bis(2-chloroaniline) and triamines, which serve as effective curatives.

This compound, also known as 4,4’-METHYLENE-BIS-(2-CHLOROANILINE), is sometimes referred to as MBOCA or DACPM. It is colorless and odorless when pure and is often utilized in the production of light-colored or transparent polyurethane elastomers.

Applications of MOCA

Our product has good compatibility and compatibility with TDI prepolymers. The prepared PU products have excellent physical and dynamic mechanical properties, and can be used in PU casting, spraying, rim and other process technology methods;In PU the elastomers, microporous products, adhesives, coating agents and other products are widely used in the preparation;This product can also be used as a curing agent for epoxy resin and for the preparation of POLYIMIDE, etc.;Due to the introduction of the “ethyl” group in the MDA, the toxicity of the product is greatly reduced. For example, oral poisoning value for rats is LD50 > 5000 mg/kg.