PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Advanced PVDF Grades for Specific Applications

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

Advecton offers PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), a fluoropolymer with unique qualities that is available from Advecton, is highly resistant to UV and radiation as well as most aggressive chemicals. The fabrication process, transfer, and injection moulding processes are simple to handle. Based on its tensile and impact strengths, Advecton PVDF fluoropolymer has a fundamentally strong and durable structure. PVDF is available in numerous grades, depending on the applications and procedures.

In the current market trend, PVDF demand has grown in the EV sector and will grow more and more with many new applications. We have a wide range of grades in PVDF, from low MFI to high MFI, depending on the process requirement.

We offer various grades of PVDF – Polyvinylidene fluoride depending on use and processing


  • Chemical processing industry
  • PVDF lined mechanical components,
  • PVDF lined fabricated vessels
  • PVDF lined tanks  / PVDF pumps
  • PVDF valves, PVDF lined valves
  • PVDF heat exchangers
  • PVDF tower packing,
  • PVDF piping systems
  • PVDF tubes
  • PVDF sheet / PVDF rod
  • PVDF nozzles
  • PVDF membranes and PVDF filter housing
  • PVDF insulated wire & cable
  • PVDF coated wire and plum cable
  • PVDF electrical & electronics components
  • PVDF tubing and parts in high purity applications
  • PVDF gas tubes for automotive and transportation
  • Construction sites PVDF sheets
  • Lithium ion battery for ev and other batteries,
  • Lithium Ion battery industry as binders for cathodes and in coatings   for battery separators.
  • PVDF for photovoltaic / solar energy
  • PVDF powder coatings
  • PVDF for rotomolding & PVDF rotolining
  • PVDF membrane / PVDF fabrics
  • PVDF for Automotive and transportation
  • PVDF for paints and PVDF for coatings
  • PVDF for water and environment, PVDF for water purification and water systems
  • PVDF for lithium ion battery and photovoltaic
  • PVDF for Pipes and tubes
  • PVDF components for high purity applications